G Corner manufactures a large range of main trunk busbars from copper and aluminium materials

Main trunk busbars are broken down in to three main sections:

  • Main Positive trunk/feeder busbars
  • Main Negative trunk/feeder busbars
  • Crossover or Back busbars

The main positive and negative busbars take the DC electrical supply from the transformer rectifier unit and then return the current to the T/R unit. The crossover busbars provide the link at the end of the cell line between one row of electrolysers or cells and the next. The sets of busbars are made up from laminations of large copper plates.

G Corner individually design each set of trunk busbars to each installation as there are a number of variables that need to be taken into account on each project or installation.


These variables mainly consist of the following parameters:

  • Operating Current / maximum output of the T/R unit
  • Current density requirements of the busbars
  • Site ambient temperatures
  • Calculated temperature rise of busbars
  • Watt losses in the busbars
  • Busbar system Volt Drop


G Corner therefore will design and supply a balanced busbar system taking into account the above parameters and delivering an electrically efficient system.


The copper busbar used by G Corner is normally ASTM B152 and/or ASTM B187 Grade UNS C11000, which is high conductivity copper for electrical purposes, with an IACS value of 101%. The individual busbars are produced from cold rolled Copper plate to G Corner’s own requirements. The individual copper plates are ‘shaved’ during the mill manufacturing process, to remove any excessive surface oxides and to give a good surface finish suitable for the electrical contact faces of the busbars.


Aluminium electrical systems:

G Corner also manufactures busbars systems in Aluminium for certain applications where the corrosive atmosphere inside refinery tankhouses is not an issue, for example, where there is an extended busbar run for the refinery tankhouse to the transformer rectifier.


Aluminium system are normally produced from a high-purity electrical standard aluminium such as 1050 or 1060 grade. This would usually have an electrical conductivity of around 60% IACS value. Our aluminium electrical systems are constructed from large aluminium plates which are pre-fabricated in our factory, however the systems would still require further welding together on installation at site.

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