G Corner & Co Ltd established in Oldham, UK. Main products were specialist steel fabrications for the chemical industry.


G Corner starts working with the UK’s largest chemical company at that time with the provision of DC busbar systems for the redevelopment of its main chlorine production plant as clean electrolyser technology starts to replace ageing mercury production technology.


G Corner works on the design and development of copper components for the new ranges of chlorine mono-polar Chlorine electrolysers.


G Corner starts work on the supply of DC Busbar systems for Chlorine plants outside the UK, Canada and especially in Indonesia.


G Corner is acquired by the MSS Group (a privately owned UK Copper distribution and component manufacturing business) and is relocated to a new site in Oldham, UK.


G Corner focuses solely on DC Busbar project work and drops other peripheral business such as Terminals and Furness cables.
G Corner executes a number of Chlorine technology conversion projects with large production plants converting from mercury to electrolyser production technology.
G Corner’s manufacturing operations were relocated from Oldham, U.K. to Nashik, India
G Corner starts to diversify away from its Chlorine business and into base metal refining.
Through the contacts of the MSS Group, G Corner looks to develop DC Busbar systems for Copper Electro-winning industry as electro-winning production technology in copper increases in popularity.


Awarded first large scale projects for copper refineries in Zambia and Oman. G Corner sets up a new commercial office in Chile.


New contracts awarded in Chile including the world’s largest (at that time) new copper EW refinery. Copper refinery projects overtake Chlorine projects as G Corner’s main business and G Corner looks to develop busbar system designs for Cobalt, Nickel and Zinc refineries.


G Corner relocates their manufacturing operations to a new state-of-the-art 50,000 sq.ft facility based in Nashik, India.


G Corner supplies a record number of DC Busbar projects around the world for base Metal refineries.


G Corner completes the delivery and installation supervision of one of Africa’s largest copper electro-winning plants in the DR Congo.


G Corner completes the delivery of DC Busbar equipment for its first copper foil manufacturing plant in Malaysia. Awarded a major project for cell top busbars and associated equipment for the largest Nickel EW refinery and base metal refinery in North America.


G Corner makes significant investment at its Nashik manufacturing site for the production of machined cell top busbars for base metal electrowinning refineries. G Corner awarded the supply contract for Zinc refinery cell top busbars to customers in Japan.


G Corner develops its offer and design capability for copper electro refineries and is awarded with a major new multi million USD contract for a large new copper electro-refinery project.


G Corner completes factory expansion in Nashik, as part of a large USD 5 million investment from its parent company.


G Corner supplies a number of zinc projects strengthening our reputation in this sector. Appoints new Business Development Manager, our latest member to the G Corner management team.
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