In the late 1990s, G Corner diversified its offer into the base metal refining industry starting with DC electrical equipment for copper refineries.

Building upon G Corner’s parent company’s involvement in the manufacturing and distribution of copper for over 30 years, G Corner was able to diversify effectively into this market.

In the early 2000’s the refined production of copper saw a substantial amount of growth from a total refined copper production of just over 17 million tonnes to just over 20 million tonnes by 2005, a growth of 18% in capacity. A significant proportion of this growth was through the development of electrowinning refining capacity, as supposed to the more traditional electro-refining process. G Corner was therefore able to develop designs that were ideal for the higher DC currents required for the electrowinning processes being developed at that time.

G Corner is also able to work with customers on specific process issues to do with plant operation and develop products such as electrowinning shorting frames which were able to increase plant operational performance by reducing plant downtime.

We were then able to develop designs for use in the electro-refining industry where we could bring in our expertise developed from electrowinning into larger electro-refinery tankhouses using the complex cell-bank and DC switching busbar formats.

Sepon Tankhouse