Chlorine TCP
Chlorine Electrolyser

This technology conversion project helped lower their unit costs by 20% due to greater electricity efficiency, lower headcount and lower maintenance costs.

Location: British Columbia, Canada
Scope: Multiple Busbar System and DC Switches
Type: Chlorine Technology Conversion Project
Chlorine TCP
This Technology Conversion Project (TCP) for the conversion of chlorine plants from the use of mercury to clean membrane electrolysers are essential for a cleaner, greener and more electrically efficient plant using modern technologies. G Corner completed a technology conversion project which helped to transform the more than 50-year-old plant into a modern, cost effective and environmentally superior plant. This conversion helped lower their unit costs by 20% due to greater electricity efficiency, lower headcount and lower maintenance costs.

This project also assisted with capacity expanding by one third. These types of conversion projects are moving from the older, more hazardous mercury-based technologies to more of a modern, cleaner electrolyser technology. Through this modernisation, the existing production units will benefit from the best technology currently available. Less energy consumption, more reliable units, higher product quality, and reduction of the environmental impact are expected from a project like this.

“G Corner has successfully implemented DC Busbar projects for a number of our plant operations across North America. Most recently, G Corner was part of our latest Technology Conversion Project costing over $200 million and considered a critical upgrade to plant operations in North America. All of our vendors have been carefully selected to produce results. The G Corner team have always provided professional, cost-effective solutions to our electrolyser/busbar upgrade projects. We have never experienced any issues with delivery and technical support. Deliveries are always on time and technical support has been excellent and timely.

We will continue to procure equipment and services from G Corner in the future. I would be pleased to respond to any enquiries from prospective new G Corner customers.”

Procurement Manager

Ansa Mcal Chlorine TCP

Laurence Whelehan

Project Leader

Started working for the Bryden Group in 1989, currently holding the position of Group Sales director

I’ve been a major part of the global growth and development of Bryden Group, driving our exports of bespoke refining solutions to now over 30 countries. Currently Group Sales Director, focusing on the development of our design, manufacturing and supply of DC electrical systems for Chemical Plants and Base Metal Refineries