G Corner’s spares, repairs and maintenance division prides itself with its ability to provide full packages for site maintenance and repairs. With 40 years experience designing, manufacturing and supplying for some of the largest refineries and chemical plants across the world, from Glencore to Nyrstar our spares , repairs and maintenance packages can be tailed to suit any size or type of refinery. Due to the bespoke nature of solutions provided the list of available products includes, but is not exclusive to:

  • Equipotential Busbars
  • Copper Rigid & Flexible Connectors
  • Cell Top Furniture
  • Intercell & End Cell Busbars
  • Hanger Bars
  • Main Truck Busbars
  • Anodes


To name but a few…



Along with the above spares, repairs and maintenance equipment we have also designed shorting frames (jumper frames) to assist with maintenance and improve efficiency at working refineries.



Our bespoke design capabilities ensure your repairs and maintenance products are manufactured to the highest levels of quality to assist in reduced downtime, higher output and an overall higher plant effectiveness. This is achieved through G Corner using only high quality graded copper to produce single extruded pieces where applicable.

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