Solvent Extraction

G Corner has specialised expertise in base metals refining and process technology, with adept experience in small scale refineries in remote locations.

G Corner’s Solvent Extraction (SX) design of small solvent extraction units are the heart of the refining process, by which the copper in solution derived from heap leaching is concentrated in the SX plant up to a level that is suitable for electrowinning.

The G Corner modular SX plant concept provides for standard shop fabricated fibreglass mixer chambers and settler modules. The standard configuration would consist of three extraction stages and one stripping stage.

Multiple trains and/or series-parallel extraction circuitry may be utilised for applications requiring treatment of higher PLS flows. Mixer-settler arrangements provide for minimised inter-stage gravity flow piping runs.

Each of the four settler modules have distribution fences located near the inlet end of the settlers. The distribution fences provide uniform flow of the aqueous/organic emulsion across the width of the settler.

The settlers contain fixed organic weir troughs which serve to advance the organic phase to the subsequent extraction or strip stage or to the organic surge tank. Inter-stage gravity flow organic piping consists of HDPE pipe. Each settler also contains an aqueous weir to advance settled aqueous solutions to subsequent processing steps and to recycle aqueous to the pump-mixer chamber where required.

G Corner can therefore work with clients to define the right project and process parameters for their particular requirements with regards to the design of our Micro-refinery required. This can cover areas such as:

• Evaluation into potential of base materials for refining
• Evaluation and specification of refinery site
• Site Layout drawings
• Liaison with the site civil contractors
• Procurement specification for key equipment packages
• Refinery process specification
• Evaluation of process data and results.

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