Our design and development team understands the complex nature of mining and metallurgy projects and it is imperative that all networking members are up-to-date and that all information is easily accessible.

This information has to be readily available at all times, so the team is fully integrated with the design, modelling, operations, testing and maintenance of each major project. Our strong electrical, mechanical and mechatronics engineering capabilities along with industrial understanding and product knowledge creates a level of excellence in the product design and delivery.

G Corner has technologically progressed over the years, from originally completing full hand-drawn sets of designs in the 80s to now producing more complex computerised designs, which can be illustrated isometrically in a 3D model to help the customer visualise the end product. Understanding our customer’s requirements, carrying background research, brainstorming for the optimum solution, developing, prototyping and testing a solution & testing is the procedure we follow before actual production even begins.

Our design and engineering team produces these 3D models from our design department at Head Office. 3D modelling of our DC electrical equipment helps customers to simulate actual working conditions on site, and also to test the proposed product electronically before shipment. Additionally, these 3D models can act as a graphical guide to help with the installation of our products.  This enables personnel to take preventive measures before actual delivery. 3D modelling can directly feed into our CNC machines for boosting production speed to its optimum level with the highest degree of accuracy.  We are therefore able to create a seamless transition from CAD design to finished manufactured products which include:- DC Busbars, support clamps, intercell & endcell busbars, cathodes, anodes, shorting frames, and lifting bales.

Design & Engineering Capabilities photo