G Corner designs and manufactures a range of unique Endcell and Intercell Busbars for zinc electrowinning SX/EW applications.


  • G Corner use high quality Extruded and drawn hollow copper sections
  • No cast copper is used
  • Manufacturing standard is to EN 13605
  • Copper grade Cu-ETP (C11000)
  • Lengths can be manufactured up to 12 Meters
  • Excellent straightness over length of bar



  • The anode and cathode slots in the Equipotential busbars are machined in the busbars with a very high degree of accuracy
  • G Corner has recently invested in new CNC Machine tools to maintain a high level of accuracy in machining over lengths up to 12 Meters
  • Bespoke CNC Machine tools allows a very high throughput of busbars


Lead Plating, Quality Control, Packing & Delivery

For added protection against the possibility of electrolyte corrosion of the Busbar, lead plating can be used on the nonelectrical contact areas of the bar. Plating thicknesses are normally up to 250 Microns.

G Corner operates very high levels of Quality Control at all stages of the manufacturing process. All slots for the Anode and Cathode hanger bars are machined to very tight tolerances and checked with unique jigs.

It is vital that the bars are delivered to site in perfect condition. G Corner therefore have packing specifications for the busbars that ensure a damage-free delivery to site.

Water Cooled Busbar