G Corner works with refinery operating companies or Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies, to design and engineer busbar systems that will deliver the optimum electrical performance for a given refinery.

Since 2015, G Corner has been working with customers on providing busbar solutions for Green Hydrogen production plants. The production of Green Hydrogen is increasing rapidly, and we have seen increased demand from customers in Europe and North America for tailored busbar system solutions for different process routes for Hydrogen production.

The primary route for green Hydrogen production is from the use of electrolysers. Based on the G Corner Team’s experience in working on Chlorine electrolyser projects we have been able to leverage our design capability for the supply of busbar systems for Green Hydrogen production projects.

We realized that the Green Hydrogen production industry is in the early stages of development and so we can work with customers on research and development, prototyping and pre-production trials.

G Corner can also supply busbars and components for the hydrogen electrolyser and can work with the electrolyser design teams to come up with the optimum component designs for the electrolyser.

DC Switches and Isolators

G Corner Electrical Systems offer a range of leading quality high current switches and disconnectors. Our high current products are designed for increased safety, reliability and longer life than the competition.

Our current line of encapsulated contacts provide superior performance in the harsh environments of electrolytic cell applications and metals refining.

Available in either fixed or portable models, for cell or cell bank isolations and SXEW shorting, every switch is custom designed to accommodate specific customer needs.

DC Breakers are designed to be closed (make) or opened (break) under ON-LOAD condition. This means that the power to the circuit can remain on when the switch is actuated. It protects the circuit from overload conditions, opening if too much current flows through the circuit or takes the current around a device in the circuit without affecting the power flowing through the rest of the circuit.

DC isolators provide a visible isolation gap in an electrical circuit when opened. They are actuated under NO-LOAD conditions. Disconnectors lack a mechanism for suppression of an electric arc, which occurs when conductors carrying high currents are electrically interrupted. Thus, they are off-load devices,

intended to be opened only after current has been interrupted by some other control device. This means the power to the circuit is turned off before the switch is closed (make) or opened (break).

We provide a full turnkey solution:


Once initial layout drawings are approved and the operating specification agreed, G corner would then produce all the detailed drawings of the busbar system at our manufacturing site in India.

Delivery to site

The completed busbar systems are preassembled into modular from and containerised for delivery to site. Full and detailed packing and shipping lists are prepared to identify the contents of each container modular form, this helps when unloading containers in remote installations.

Installation Commissioning & Supervision

Full installation handbooks are prepared to help guide the installation team through the installation process and G Corner personnel can be on hand for Installation supervision and final commissioning.

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