With over 30 years experience, G Corner has become a global leader and a company to be relied upon and trusted in the refinery industry.

Through innovative and creative thinking, we enable our clients to manage their projects within the complex engineering environment. Our design and development team is an experienced group involved in mechanical and electrical engineering design which includes product design, engineering analysis, manufacturing engineering solutions, and engineering change management. We offer our expertise and services to various base metal refineries and chemical plants. We have developed this expertise across the design and development of various large projects over many years. These DC electrical components include:- busbar systems, support clamps, structural steel support to the clamps, insulation grids, switched and unswitched shorting frames, lifting bales and other important tankhouse equipment. Whatever platform the client adopts, G Corner can tailor their cross functional skills to meet the needs of the customer.

Over the years, we have fine-tuned our global delivery model for engineering services. Our engagement model with our customers ensures complete transparency and client IP (intellectual property) protection. A competent team with strong knowledge and project execution skills coupled with a customer-focused strategy has earned G Corner a global network of loyal clients, which has helped us to enhance their businesses to achieve greater productivity and efficiency.

The quality of our engineering and end products are a fundamental key objective at G Corner.  This is supported by our ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018. We can transfer this commitment to quality and to delivering the product on time, within budget with zero defects, therefore meeting our customer’s agreed specifications and service levels.

G Corner prides itself in being ahead of the competition, through technological advancement and innovation.  We collaborate with clients meeting their requirements, at affordable cost, with an awareness of sustainable development to reduce our company’s carbon footprint.

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