G Corner can offer customers a unique service to design, manufacture and supply individually-rated busbar kits or complete power transmission systems for the DC power supply on large solar power generation plants.

G Corner has supplied busbar kits rated up to 4mW and can supply customers substation units for large integrated solar power plants.

We can work with our clients on bespoke energy storage systems for solar power plants. These energy storage systems are becoming a major element in a solar power plant as they enable users to deliver power when it is required, rather than when it is being produced.

Our standard solar power systems include: battery assembly, racks, cabling, inverters, DC busbar and DC switches. These elements of the battery storage system can be configured to an individual’s space and power requirements.

The heart of the system incorporates new state-of-the-art gel bloc cells which provide excellent storage and discharge efficiency, with a long maintenance-free cell life.

Solar image