Small Greenfield Project

G Corner was approached by a client looking to build a 7,500 tpa SX-EW copper refinery, which was expandable to 10,000 tpa. G Corner was able to provide a unique, flexible design that allowed the client to achieve their target output quotas.

This tankhouse configuration was based on one cell room format, with the cell room having two cell-lines comprising of 38 electrowinning tank cells in total, with each cell line comprises of 19 electrowinning tank cells. The Electrowinning feeder system (installed and rated for 34kA) consisted of a copper positive main long trunk feeder, a copper negative short main trunk feeder, plus a copper crossover back trunk feeder section linking the two lines of electrowinning cells.

Large Greenfield Project

The project specification agreed between G Corner and client focused on a number of key areas such as temperature rise in the busbar system, operating current density and volt drop.

It was understood that the allowable conductor temperature rise was be according to BS 159, and the feeder system in both cell-rooms were designed to suit a maximum capacity rating of 54 KA and 176 VDC.

Spares + Repairs

G Corner are used frequently for small parts that need continual replacement due to ware and tear during the refining process. We have a large number of loyal clients who provide repeat business for their replacement refinery equipment.

This tankhouse refinery equipment includes: Copper Flexibles, Contact Rings for Copper Foil-plating plants, intercell equipotential busbars, cell-top capping boards, stainless steel cathodes, rolled-lead anodes and larger machinery such as cathode stripping machines and transformer rectifiers.

Chlorine TCP

This Technology Conversion Project (TCP) for the conversion of chlorine plants from the use of mercury to clean membrane electrolysers are essential for a cleaner, greener and more electrically efficient plant using modern technologies.

G Corner completed a technology conversion project which helped to transform the more than 50-year-old plant into a modern, cost effective and environmentally superior plant. This conversion helped lower their unit costs by 20% due to greater electricity efficiency, lower headcount and lower maintenance costs.

Zinc Expansion

This zinc refinery expansion project will be one of the largest new electrolytic Zinc refineries to be built in the Americas in recent years

This large-scale new zinc electrowinning refinery will produce 200,000 tons of electrolytic Zinc Cathode. Based on its extensive track record in the base metal refining industry G Corner worked on the initial design of the cell top furniture incorporating the long intercell equipotential busbars to our tight tolerances together with the end cell apron bars.

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