The growing trend for renewable energy sources has become apparent in recent years, with rapid growth in wind energy output, transforming the power sector.

Tower Busbars
G Corner copper and aluminium busbars can be used in wind turbine towers to provide a high efficiency electrical transmission system, to transmit the electrical currents from the generator to the grid in-feed. G Corner busbars are a preferred solution in wind turbine towers when compared to cable based systems due to the reduced installation time and increased electrical efficiency due to reduced power losses.

G Corner busbars can also be installed in the tower sections during the tower manufacturing stage reducing the on-site installation time as the busbar elements, having been pre-assembled into the tower sections, are quickly bolted together during the installation phase on-site. The system can be fitted with flexible busbars to prevent any stress on the system due to tower movements. G Corner busbars are also suitable for use in moisture and salt laden environments.


Wind Turbine Control and Power Distribution Cabinets
G Corner can provide a range of individual busbar components for wind turbine power distribution cabinets and switchboards. These switchboards are usually located at the base of the tower and we can supply busbars for a range of different OE manufactured panels.