G Corner has successfully supplied hundreds of sets of linking busbars worldwide

In both cobalt and nickel processing, the electrowinning cells are normally arranged in pairs due to the complex process issues within the cell, and with regards to the cell-top furniture.

Therefore, to maintain one single electrical circuit, there is a need to connect one pair of cells to the next pair of cells. This is achieved through the use of linking busbars which connect from the apron busbar of one cell, to the apron busbar in the adjacent pair of cells. The G Corner design of linking busbars incorporates features to avoid any stressing or distortion of the cell-top apron busbar, which is critical for the efficient electrowinning process.

G Corner uses its extensive capability, skill and experience in copper-to-copper welding to ensure consistent high quality connections between the linking busbars and the endcell apron busbars.

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