Energy Management

G Corner has recently gone into partnership with one of the UK's leading LED Lighting suppliers in a joint-venture to supply the mining, refining and chemical industries.

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    Energy Management

    Energy costs are between 20-40% of a mining facility's operational expenses.

    Identifying the most cost efficient energy and sourcing cost reduction strategies, is a challenging task for most mining and mineral processing facilities, especially if the technologies are not available in-country. We have partnered with a company who specialises in providing energy-saving solutions using retro-fit LED fittings to replace traditional halogen lighting.

    Energy-efficient lighting is a major requirement for all industries, but in particular industries that operate for 24 hours a day and for 7 days a week. The lighting package G Corner can offer would provide a mine or plant, a system that requires minimal power input with maximum light output, in comparison to existing traditional light fittings. At present, most conventional lighting systems in mines and processing plants are using halogen, SON or metal halide fittings, that extract large amounts of power and cause major maintenance issues. The maintenance problems faced due to traditional fittings can cause high cost implications to businesses, for example, the constant need to replace light bulbs, especially if the light fitting is located in a difficult position.

    LED lighting is the solution for industrial applications. The useful life of LEDs is typically defined as the operating time prior to 30% lumen depreciation, or 70% lumen maintenance (L70). This level of LED lumen depreciation has been widely adopted as the standard for useful life since a 30% decline in lumen levels is not easily detectable by most people. LED life expectancy can range between 50,000 — 100,000 hours or more. This means that a LED system’s life expectancy would outrun traditional sources by many more years, and postpone costly maintenance which would require replacing a failed bulb in traditional lamps.

    G Corner can refer clients directly to a lighting specialist who will offer advice as to the most appropriate LED fittings for the specific application. The in-house design team can use lighting software to create visual lighting plans with detailed lux level figures, to show the client the most optimum lighting solution. The package offered will include a detailed cost quotation, specifications of the proposed products and the payback period illustrating the money saved from converting to LED, in relation to the initial cost.

    A study was undertaken in India, by the Department of Mining Engineering in 2012, understanding the industrial application of LED lighting in Mining. In this study, they focused on the lighting assets of Tirap OCP, NEC, which is a large-scale coal mine in India. Comparatively looking at the difference in power consumption and expenditure per year between LED and traditional fittings, it is clear that there was a huge total power saving from the 55 fittings, amounting to 70,329 KW/yr, which is a 73.49% power saving percentage, equating to 3.8 million Rupees (approx. $70,000 saving each year). The conclusion of this report was: “LED lighting systems are superior over other conventional lighting systems like incandescent, metal halide, fluorescent, etc. Thus, it is recommended that LED lighting systems should come as an appropriate replacement of the usual conventional lighting systems“.

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