Electrolyser Components 

G Corner has many years of experience in the design & supply of electrolyser components. This experience dates back to the supply of graphite and copper anode rods for mercury-based electrolysers. Following on from mercury, G Corner was at the forefront of the design of electrolyser components for a new range of mono-polar chloralkali electrolysers, leading onto larger bi-polar chlor-alkali electrolysers. We have supplied these components to the US, UK, Europe and Japan.


Dummy Electrolysers

For both chloralkali and chlorine-dioxide installations, there can be a maintenance requirement to remove production electrolysers from the circuit for maintenance purposes. Once the production electrolyser has been removed, the electrical circuit is interrupted or broken, this therefore creates a need for a dummy electrolyser to replace the production electrolyser in the circuit. This dummy electrolyser can be bolted into the production circuit and remain in place until the production electrolyser has completed its maintenance program.


G Corner’s dummy electrolysers can be relatively simple in design, or for higher currents and production requirements can incorporate DC switches to reduce any plant downtime.